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And here we go again...more ONE OK ROCK because they seriously own. And seriously angst.

Yeah I know, I should just turn this into a translations journal XD;;Collapse )
Because there was like hardly anything to translate haha...and because I love singing the "mae e mae e mae e!" XD

~Bye Bye 2007~

I was feeling a bit down before because everyone seems to have gone on some nice holidays this year except for me haha. Later I was uploading some photos from a recent drive down to Adelaide River and I realised that actually, I did do a lot of travelling and exploring in ways that a lot of people haven't been able to experience...just within Australia ;D And I took a LOT of pictures ^^;; I just uploaded 14 (a couple are compilation shots), not the best ones, but some of my favourite ones, not including the ones I uploaded in the first half of the year. I'll give you fair warning, it is image heavy for those without broadband, but not extremely so...probably about 3mb worth of pics? Something like that ^^; Most of the pictures are from Adelaide River and Snake Creek, mainly because I was planning a separate entry for it before I decided to do a 2007 flashback. Also, I have no idea how these pictures will end up looking, te graphics on my laptop are a little odd and I can't tell if they will look grainy and stuff to everyone else ^^;; Either way...enjoy!

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I went down to Adelaide River and Snake Creek on a bit of a war tour with the "men" (Dad, Uncle Wayne, Uncle Bob and a visitor, John). It was by 4WD track, which had it's scary moments...like being on a 2m wide extremely rocky and uneven dirt track between a rock face and a cliff and then finding the car went the wrong way and has to back up the hill haha. It was overcast almost the whole day until it finally poured down while we were visiting one of their friends who was taking us on a tour of his massive car yard in the middle of the bush. There we were huddled under an upturned car trailer with the sound of those blasted cane toads croaking in our ears. I got completely sunburnt - a good lesson for all, never be fooled by cloudy skies. Anyways, driving along the scree we visited the Uranium mines where they made radon detonators, went into the war graves/memorial site, saw the old abandoned shacks and storage areas, and also the laboratories where it is rumoured they tested mustard gas and where we also breathed in a good dose of asbestos. Yes, it was an overall healthy day in the great outdoors....*has a radioactive coughing fit* But I just found it so amazing that all over the place, completely in the middle of nowhere, were all these abandoned shacks and labs and scrap metal from WWII. There was this one area where the ground was just covered in rusted old cans, beds, bomb and machine gun carriers, bolts and wires. Literally covered. Everything was overgrown and rusted and looked absolutely how it should have when the army upped and left at the end of it all. Brilliant. My Dad's Christmas present of a new memory card for my camera was put to very good use ;D

On a random note, I am hoping that this year I will be able to pay attention to LJ again ^^;; I haven't seen anyone's LJ for a very very long time...although I'm sure not many have seen mine as well haha. That's my sort-of-resolution - to keep in touch with people better.

I hope everyone's happily looking forward to the coming year and can look back on the last as something to be proud of ;D I don't know if I can say that for sure, but I am definitely looking forward to holidays OUTSIDE of Australia this year XD



[ Lyric Translation] V6 - Way of Life

I'm not very happy with this one haha...I took a bit of creative licence in some obvious places XD But since there wasn't a good translation around (the one on d-addicts has the wrong romaji in some places O_o), here ya go~ Don't know if this is any better, but anyways...XD

Also don't mind the spelling mistakes or what if there are any, I don't have spell check at the moment because I am using notepad XD;;

It's a waaaaaay of liiiife...Collapse )